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Spiritual Care Support

As a faith-based hospital network, Carondelet Health Network is committed to providing person-centered holistic care of the body, mind, and spirit. 

We understand that the impacts of illness can affect everyone differently and that other life stresses don’t stop just because you are in a hospital.

Our hospitals have professionally trained Chaplains available for emotional support, providing religious services, and assistance to our patients, visitors, and associates of all beliefs and backgrounds. Chaplains serve alongside the other care team members in helping support patients and their loved ones through their individualized journeys of care.

If you or a loved one would like to speak with a Chaplain for any reason please call the hospital operator or ask a staff member to place a Spiritual Care Consult.

Our chapels and meditation rooms are available to you as well if you need a quiet place to reflect, recharge, or regroup.

Schedules of Mass or other events are available outside of the chapels.